Birthday Wishes Poems for Granddaughter

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In old age all of the grandparents start feeling young when they got a grandchild, so if you are a grandpa or a grandmother it’s your time to wish your granddaughter with a beautiful birthday rhyme. This special day also bring another chance for you to surprise your little princess with an amazing gift, a cute birthday poem or a self made birthday song that she never forgets. Somehow we never imagine poet's life while reading poetry; we only imagine our own life. What’s on my mine is that grandparents and grandchildren should show more love to one another, give more hugs to your love ones because you will never know when their calling comes, then you get back wishing you should have said I love you or wanting to hug or hold that person again, life is too short to be silent on your granddaughter birthday. Post these granddaughter birthday poems on your Facebook status and let the world know, your love for her.
Birthday poems for granddaughter

Birthday Wishes Poems for Granddaughter

A grandmother prayer for your first birthday!
Before I go to bed
I'd like to make a huge announcement!
I'm not sure if I should be happy or cry
Because this means I'm getting old
Happy Birthday to my beautiful granddaughter
You are such an amazing girl
With so many talents and cuteness
May God continue to bless you!
Love you!
And you know we are turning up

Grandpa loves for your 21st birthday!
When God made me
He knew I would need a special girl
To put up with my schedule
Calling and personality
So He created the perfect girl
With divine character, humility, integrity and unwavering
Commitment to her family
That BEAUTIFUL girl is my granddaughter
And today is her birthday
Happy baby, grandpa love you!

Your birthday is a special day!
Today is a special day to me
The strongest girl I know was born today
The cutest lady I know was born today
The amazing woman I know was born today
The pursuit of happiness I know was born today
The light of my dark life was born today
The charm for the rest of my life was born today
The snow on the desert was born today
The for flowers was born today
The life achievement award I got today
Today I become a grandma
Today I am complete
Today my poem is complete
Happy birthday my little sparrow

A verse for granddaughter birthday!
She has seen a lot of things in life
I believe she deserves the best
My God is faithful and I thank Him
For her precious life in my life
She has always been there to support me
And guide me always.
Happy Birthday grandmamma rose!
May The Lord continue to bless you!

A poem for your birthday cake!
So I can't close my eyes tonight
Without stopping and giving
A huge birthday day shout out
To one of my cutest granddaughter
Happy Birthday big girl
Blood couldn't make us any closer
You are true friend, awesome daughter,
Great sister, an awesome mentor
And most of all a true woman of God
Hope this one is the best one yet
In my Jeff voice
 Where we cutting the cake at
Grandma loves you

Special birthday poem for my granddaughter!
I know it’s late but I want to say happy birthday
To my beautiful and absolutely amazing granddaughter
You have become the most amazing daughter
A father could ask for
Sister a brother could dream of
And friend that everyone seeks
I love you more than you will ever know
Your personality is beautiful
Your loving and caring heart for others
Is inspiring and uplifting
You glow from the dark night
It is easily seen God has blessed you with
So many heavenly qualities
I love you baby doll with all my heart!

Who do you think you are?
Stare at you,
Just eavesdrop to you,
Gaze at those moves,
Really who do think you are?
 I reflect you are incredibly gorgeous.
If you are not,
In that case gorgeous does not have a sense
Beautiful is just a word
Nothing exists to be beautiful.
Your smile, I think God confirmed
His best creativity on you
Your tone when you whisper at me, is akin to
That one of a sweetest Toney bird that sings beautiful
Just tell me who think you are?
 Just stare at those moves
I thought they exist only in Movie Theater
But here right now I verify
According to you, who do you think you are?
 If you are not incredibly cute on this globe
Then identify that there is no such thing called cute
It exists only at dictionaries
With your beauty you dazzle,
With your words you comfort & courage,
With your smile you rock,
With what do you think you are?
God hallowed you when He made you so pretty
That’s why many persist being so flirty
I wish God could bless & give me all your heart
And for that I’ll live in paradise
While our sorrows banished
But by looking at you
Who do think you are
But before you start thinking
Let me say loudly
Happy birthday sweetheart

Happy birthday princess!
Happy Birthday my little princess
You are One year Old today
And you are the most adorable
And sweetheart ever
And I still have the First colorful picture of you
And I will always hold it against you
And When you're older my baby
And I can’t wait to see you today

Loads of Love and Kisses from your grandma
Happy birthday


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