Creative Ways to Wish Happy Birthday on Facebook

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There are several funny and creative ways to wish happy birthday on your Facebook status but on your birthday I wish all peace, love, and freedom and on every day! On your birthday you can find little things that bring smiles, joy, and calmness into your life! The fights, fears, and suffering we live through each day show us positive strength we got through it, brings us hope knowing we can get through another and things will get better! I am wishing happiness on your birthday if you observe it; if not may you be blessed with happiness.
Creative Ways to Wish Happy Birthday

Funny Ways to Wish Happy Birthday on Facebook!

  1. Happiest of Happy Birthday's to my other half Dee Mama The woman above must really love me to bless you with another and many more years to come to spend together as ONE as a growing family Thankful, Grateful, Blessed , & honored to have you as my husband. Hope today brings you joy & happiness. Love you!
  2. You are a chosen one to eat up this birthday cake and miss me on your birthday party, no matter what comes in your way, keep going don't give up.
  3. The new levels of candles on your birthday cake will bring new devils in your real life. You can’t celebrate this day shamelessly without inviting your evil friends.
  4. Have integrity to be truthful and admit you are getting wrinkles, knee pain, back pain, and a bad memory on your 40th birthday. Don’t stop before you totally mentally retarded. It’s their sound of their voice that stops you not me.
  5. Don't try to look like a birthday celebrity in some Hollywood movie even the celebrity in the movie does not look like the celebrity in the movie.
  6. For those that couldn't make you wish on your birthday, you’re looking down on us from your own dinner table happy and hungry just like when you were here. Continue to watch down on us, as we continue to celebrate this party; unintentionally, or that thereof.
  7. You may enjoy your birthday gifts you may not to some things I said but just thought some words of encouragement would help get thru today.
  8. On your birthday, I want the cake painted black, and I'm going to get spacers for it so they stance more, and I'm going to paint the hood black the roof black and the trunk black.
  9. You are the owner of your birthday cake. You have the opportunity to eat up whole and post a thank you status on your Facebook.
  10. I let you make your own choices on this special day and you earn the outcomes from those choices. Happy birthday my Nigga!
  11. When you inspire someone to bring more, eat more, sing more and become mad more, you are a birthday girl.
  12. Do your investigation, make your pros and cons list, make a decision and do what it takes to be weird on your birthday.
  13. I wish on your birthday, you may hear voices and thoughts that everyone is talking about you but it was triggered with my super birthday gift which also induces realistic horrific hallucinations.
  14. Just because you've always been a certain hairstyle on your every birthday, it doesn’t mean you have to stay that way forever.
  15. Do you feel like you have a new life on your birthday? Everything feels so different, you are losing people, everything is out of touch, and you feel different, got bad news. Why does everything horrible happen all in one day?
  16. Do you really think these very jokers on your birthday party can tell you how all of these birthday fun could go viral, for example Facebook, Instagram or Twitter should work? So basically you are willfully ruining your birthday into problems that has go to with general fatigue or stress. Too bad you rely on old family friends for such issues.
  17. On your twentieth birthday you need to take a step in the exact direction, believe me the dumber you become the more you listen.
  18. Facebook likely know everything you do within 5 minutes of you posting it, as if they have the exact same cognition as you and your wealthy parents needed to give them a job they gave them a sense of empowerment in life rather than a real gift on your birthdays.
  19. She is good, in her mind, the anti psychotics, she don't like my Facebook statuses. She is a new case of alien, she is a birthday queen.
  20. Celebrating a birthday doesn't mean you're old and they're young. It just means you value your happiness more than your upcoming baldness.
  21. Your birthday dress is very professional and very executive look and I must say that it is what suits you best. You have a very distinct professional energy that represents jokers at the highest level. I would even say you are simply gorgeous.

Gatherings, joy, love, compassion is all part of everyone's birthday. The sooner we can accept what life brings us, the quicker we respond with solutions to adjust to the change or leave the experiences we have in the past, we then can move forward thinking more positive , hopeful, bring better state of health mentally and physically I think! Dwelling in misery with negativity makes our problems worse! Practice thinking good thoughts and thinking more positive will not make our problems go away but we can have more room to breathe calmly and enjoy more happiness on our birthdays.


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