Spiritual Birthday Messages for Mom: Religious Wishes

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A mother is the best gift for the mankind, these spiritual birthday wishes for the mom of a daughter or son could bring a religious feeling on her special day. Today is my mom's birthday, wishing her a happy birthday and many more to come. Remember your mom will always be the number one lady in your life. Love your mom while she is here. Every kid truly loved his mom, as you can see it in his eyes. Appreciate both of your parents, as they are only here with us for a little while.

These spiritual birthday greetings for the mother right here is why you love your mom. She did all this for you. Then she gives birth. She bears that pain only for you. Then she has to raise you. Pay for everything. Put you first over everything. You should never lay your hands on your momma, female’s period, but NEVER your mom. Moms have the kindest and warming heart. Well, mine does. And I know a lot of other moms that do too! I wouldn't be doing what I am doing now without you. You let me follow my dream; you have been my strength, my support, and my motivator. I still can’t forget those four months when I was ill and I felt useless, you have raised me all over again like a kid. Helping me to do everything! Thank you, mom! Every mom is special, respect for all the moms who sacrifice so much for their children's future. Use the religious birthday meme and images on your mother Facebook timeline and give her a tribute on her birthday.
Religious Birthday Wishes for Mom

Spiritual Birthday Messages for Mother!

You may not know what areas in your life need to be developed but trust me God do. If you can only see the bigger picture of what he's trying to do through that person, you won't get bitter, you'll get better. Happy Birthday, Beautiful Lady!

There are some people who bust up their mouth and throw jabs at others because they think God created them extra special. It's wonderful to think highly of yourself but never at the cost of bringing down others. Happy birthday my beautiful mother, have a great day.

Take the pain and turn it into something beautiful, something people can learn from and guess who will have the last laugh! Stand the pressures of life with tenacity because that's how a diamond gets its real value, after the pressure! Have a blessed birthday!

Happy 5th birthday to my Facebook mother, may The Lord continue to bless you with wisdom, love and blessing. To a special lady in my life my dearest mom I love you with all my heart. Mom you are the BEST! I love you to life.

The stronger you are spiritual, the better equipped you will be to handle the issues that come along with the blessings! Activate faith because Faith without works is dead! Happy B-Day my dear!
Happy Birthday to one of my Favorite people in the world! There’s so much to say about your love, support, loyalty and friendship that Facebook won't allow me space. The world is definitely a better place because you are in it, no exaggeration! You are one of the most selfless individuals I've ever met, may the Lord continue to sustain and bless you and your family the way He always does.
The multitude will always advise you against doing what will give you the greatest victory because misery likes company! You can never get spiritual wisdom from natural places. For difficult, life changing decisions, it should just be you and God without the input of the world and I guarantee you the best decisions will be made. Happy birthday!

If you stop giving the devil work, he won't be as busy as you claim he is. Too many of us build new homes with an extra room just for the devil... You can't put new wine in old wine skin. If you are turning over a new leaf then you must leave all old things in the past and move on, stop dragging your past into your future. Happy birthday, honey enjoy to the fullest!

The funniest thing is people spending their whole life trying to make others believe they are THIS and THAT instead of actually working on becoming THAT! We have too many adorned shells walking around with no real substance and no depth, man sees the outside, but God knows exactly what's on our inside, who are you really supposed to please? Happy 45th birthday mommy, God’s richest blessings upon your life!

You can't be bitter and blessed at the same time! The longer you hold on to bitterness, the further you push your freedom away. Some people talk about getting the victory in certain situations yet their heart is filled with contempt for the person they wish to be freed from. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that holding on to your problems only demonstrates that you don't truly want it to go away. Happy birthday, God's richest blessings on you and enjoy your New Year beginnings.
Whether it's a diet, a change of attitude, moving on from a broken relationship, forgiving someone, Always take the opportunity to do something positively different. If each birthday we make this conscience change, think how much more grown you will be at the end of the year! Doing the same thing and expecting a different result is insanity so let’s make that change today! Happy birthday to you!

Too many times we do things for people to see so when it's taking longer than we expected it to, we weaken and sometimes give up! As a child of the king giving up is never an option because the strength you gain at the end of that process is needed for the next leg of your life! If you move forward half baked, you will definitely fail at the next level. When you have done it all, STAND! Happy Birthday may God continue to richly bless you!

When you first start working out, it takes a while before you begin to see progress but we don't give up because we are working towards a goal right! Just because your progress isn't obvious doesn't mean your efforts are not working. Happy Birthday mom, super blessings and favor always and do enjoy!

The victory of seeing the problem around and it having absolutely no effect on you!!! This is a level of growth that turns your stumbling block into your STEPPING STONE. Think about how powerful you can become when you use what the devil meant for evil to your advantage boom. Happy bday my dear mother!

Speak the favor into your life before you start each day and even the people who don't want to bless you will! The best part of experiencing favor in your life is the fact that you have the power to speak it into being beforehand. I walk around expecting favor and truth be told, the more you expect something, the more you actually attract it. Walk in power, walk in victory and live a life of favor. Happy 35th birthday beautiful momma!

There is a price you pay for pretending to be what you are not. The test will come to expose the fake that is the WHEAT and TARES moment, the moment of truth. May the good Lord continue to bless, guide and protect you and your family! I pray your day is awesome.

God created us to have an impact not to just be impressive! Some of us live our lives to showcase a lifestyle of growth, maturity, change and restoration but behind closed doors don't even believe ourselves. The time we spend trying to make others believe that we are this and that can be more productively spent by actually changing. Even if it takes smaller steps and longer to reach! Have a blessed day!

If you don't understand God love towards you, it's quite easy to search in all the wrong places for what you THINK are Love. Because God's love towards us is so different to the way we are capable of loving, I've noticed that it’s difficult for us to accept that we can be loved unconditionally loved. Don't try to understand God's love, just accept it and love him in the deepest way you know how to. Happy 55th birthday dear mother, have a great one.

No matter what you are involved in right now, be it in ministry or in your personal life, if you never put yourself in a state of readiness, a ball can be thrown directly at you and you'll never be able to catch it. Great opportunities are lost when we are unprepared. Happy 60th birthday! God bless you always!

Dispatch your guardian angels daily to protect you from evil and unclean spirits because they can move undetected until transferred. Envy can make people do evil things to slow you down, but the power of God within you can fight off every spirit that comes up against you. Activate His power on your birthday and be wise with your association.

Today I stand as a proud, mended, restored woman to say happy Birthday to my lovely sister. Thank you for having a heart that's as pure as it comes, your values and love for people are what got my attention. I know the Lord will continue to use you to bless the lives of the broken, the sick, the poor so stand strong and know we and your earth angels got your back.

It is so much MORE than what you've experienced, what you've received, where you've been. When we think we've reached, that's when God comes in and shows us He has so much for us. You may feel like you have a lot going for you but trust me, dream bigger because for as long as you live faithfully... He will continue to upgrade you! Happy birthday, May you live to see many more!
Happy 42 birthday mother in law! When you have overcome a weakness, avoid placing yourself back in that environment. The devil has a subtle way of bringing back those feelings in an overwhelming way that makes you do things you thought you were over! When God does his Job and delivers you, you also have a job to do for the maintenance of your deliverance.

Happy birthday! Never sell yourself short being desperate for just a buyer because if you wait a bit, someone will pay what you're actually worth sweetheart! It's time we raise our standard and stop settling for someone that's bold enough to express that they don't want anything serious at this point... you now convince yourself that you don't want anything serious either.

When you learn how to walk, align yourself with people who are on the path of holistic success. I've seen people raised from nothing into heroes simply through association so stop taking this aspect of life for granted. Take a look around you and ask yourself if you are going in the direction you desire. Happy birthday mother in law!

Happy 49th birthday mother in law! In life, you need to associate yourself with people who are supportive of your dreams, who would go the extra mile with you rather than bring you down with the first person who listens.

Not because you know how to walk means you know where to go! The law of association has always been a part of life we don't pay enough attention to. There's association that can bring you right down and there's association that can fast forward your growth. Happy 57th birthday loves mom!

Happy birthday! Seeing your destiny revealed before your very eyes is such a beautiful sight! This can only happen when you hold your position long enough and to the best of your ability.

Many of us think we have patience until we are actually confronted with a situation that requires REAL patience. Be careful what you pray for because whatever you ask of the Lord, he will always test you for readiness before. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday! God doesn't want the left over’s, He wants your best! Yes, the same level of dedication given to the job HE provided, the same amount of passion shown to the baby HE gave to you. Stop making all those excuses because if your heart is genuine to serve Him, He is bigger than all your excuses. Show Him your faithfulness and He will make a way!

There are some spoken words that can make you bitter if you hear it with your emotions BUT.... These same words, however, can bring massive changes to your life once you are mature enough to take it from a spiritual angle. Happy 62th birthday!

Happy birthday! No matter how angry you become when words are thrown directly at you, swallow your pride, humble yourself and know that your next reaction can build you or put you in a worse state! Happy 70th birthday my cute mom!


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