Funny Happy Birthday Poems for Husband

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Celebrating your husband birthday with funny poems and verses could bring a more fun on his special day. It's not Husband’s Day that make me feel your eternal love for me, this day just lets all of us to find time from our busy schedules to realize how would have it been without caring husbands. Today I don't want to thank you for what you do for us, neither do I want to tell you how much important are you for me, because of course, you know that well. But what I want you to know is that it makes me feel good when you share things from your life with me, when you just want to sit and gossip with me, when you ask me to keep your secrets, when you want me to pamper you, when you want me to tell you that I am going to take up the kitchen and you can spend your day, when you want me to sort it out with dad for you and so , you know what I am aiming at. You are my most special selfless friend. I’ll never let you down.

Funny Happy Birthday Poems for My Husband!

Your birthday is a sweet day
A day when you cut a sweet cake
A day when you spread your sweet smiles over me
A day when you surprisingly open your gift packs
A day when love my gifts the most
A day when you fulfill my wish
A day you like to escape
A day you never escape

It’s your 21st birthday
You will have 21 candles on the cake
You must invite your 21 best friends on birthday
You must receive 21 specials gifts as well
Besides the figure of this crazy 21 digits
Do me only a one single favor
Clean my laundry after your birthday party

You are so lucky by the way
Every year you wish
One more year
On your every birthday
Now you are going
To celebrate your 50th
Could you wish next 50 years?
All together for your upcoming bd’s
So you may pray or your wife too

My dear husband you are going to hit 40
But I am bit sad on your birthday
Yes, I am very happy for you on this day
Yes, I also bought a special gift for you
Yes, I invite all our family friends
Yes, I am fully satisfy from your love
Yes’ I love you too
But, I am sad because I dropped
Your birthday cake and only 40 candles lefts
Funny birthday Rhyme

On your birthday, let me sing a song
To lead the party and change your mood
You are 40’s now but still behaving like 4
You are craving for birthday cake
But wandering in party without any sake
May your birthday fixed in hall of fame
Don’t feel genius because you are still half baked

Around your birthday our kids cry
Around your birthday cake, fly die
Your hunger views just annoyed
While some kids begged to be enjoyed
Big problems we have include your health
It leads to problems of your wealth
While most of us are greedy for the cake
Too many of us became needy
We complain and cry without a hitch
Because here on Facebook, we only rich

You are my prince charming
Like a male hen in farming
You like birthday sweets
I love your way of treat
Mostly you catch boring ideas
I love to convert it in fantastic ideas
Now it’s your birthday again
I got a headache and pain

If women just wanted to be loved,
Then why are they so hostile towards their competitions?
We're very prideful woman,
And there is no pride in love,
Which is why I believe we want to be wanted
There are many women who turn their eyes
On cheating lovers because
All that matters is that he comes home
Men do want to be respected
However, what I believe they've learned
That in order for a woman to respect him,
She must first love him
Women treat men very bad when we don't love him
But I love you and it’s your birthday
Now show me your love because it’s your birthday

Years ago you were my best friend
Then you become my boyfriend
Then you become my ex boyfriend
Then you come again as a just friend
Then you try to become a best friend
Then you once again become my boyfriend
Now you become my one real husband
And I have to rhymes a birthday poem for you
Oh happy birthday to you
You are so sweet
You are so cute
You are so intelligent
You are so caring
You are so daring
Oh you are just enough
Happy birthday to you

We often take the most important relationships for granted, thinking it will last forever. Let's be honest nothing lasts forever. It's important for you to value the person and relationship in the present, keeping in mind that it's because of our choice- either choice of karma or free will, we have attracted that relationship. If we don't value our own choice, the Universe will create a situation before you, were neither your choice of karma nor free will is going to be applicable. Value your relationship with your husband before you lose value in eye of the Universe. The purpose of these funny birthday poems for him is to bring more joy in your married life.


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