50+ Niece Birthday Quotes and Images

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Enjoy a cute collection of beautiful happy birthday quotes and images with wishes for niece from aunt and uncle. So a little background on this post, last year for my niece birthday, I planned a brunch with some of the most important women in my life and I wanted to share with my niece how wonderful it is to be fabulous, strong, determined, flawed, beautiful in your own skin and unaffected by peers. So I gifted her with a special swag bag containing a fashionable handbag with a cute teacup candle and age appropriate gifts for the two youngest. I told her, the birthday girl is always supposed to give out gifts on her birthday and it wads her day to pour into her the love and adoration that I had for her and what she meant to me. I also wrote a letter telling her just how wonderful she was and how proud of her I was. It was an emotional day that was absolutely perfect.

So I wanted to share these happy birthday wishes for a niece that I put together with the help beautiful birthday images for your nieces. Your birthday was about receiving and encouraging, nurturing and inspiring. Your niece birthday for you is about giving, giving grace, love, forgiveness, blessings, healing, understanding, compassion and truth. Love yourself first! And everyone and everything else will fall into place.
niece birthday wishes

Happy Birthday Niece Quotes and Images

1- Wishing my beautiful, caring, loving, sweet and sensitive niece a very happy 17th birthday! I can't put into words how much I love her and how much she means to me! Enjoy your day kiddo.

2- Screaming happy 21st birthday to my Princess! It feels like yesterday when I was changing your diaper now you've graduated and have a child of your own. I pray that this birthday is blessed and just a preview to the rest of your life. You all help me wish my niece-daughter happy birthday. Soon I will post a cute birthday poem for you on the Facebook, so stay tuned

3- Ten years ago on my very own birthday I was blessed with a precious gift that was wrapped in a receiving blanket, my niece. We share a birthday, you know that I stand with you always and always pray that God guides you to higher levels in him each and every day of your life. Your life is a gift. You're special. You got talents! You're loved! Always remember near or far I am here. We all love you.

4- I know I will be super busy tomorrow so this is a few hours early! Happy birthday to my precious niece! I can't believe she turns 4 tomorrow! It seems like yesterday I held her for the first time! I am so thankful to be such a big part of our life and have so many memories with her! Thank you for treating us like family and including us in everything. These past 4 years have been a joy! I love you so much! Happy Birthday! Just 6 more years until your first scuba dive!

5- Happy birthday to my beautiful niece! I never imagined that a fuzzy headed blue eyed angel could steal my heart the way you did. Happy birthday sissy baby and Have a great day, we love you.

6- Screaming all the way to the New York to my great niece,  happy 3rd birthday to you, hope you have lots of fun today and get what you want, happy birthday to you enjoy your day.

7- You’re honestly and sincerely been a blessing in our lives blessing us with the most beautiful kids one can ask for. We love you and I hope and pray God opens doors and windows and floods you with favor and breakthroughs. We love you.

8- Happy birthday to my amazing niece who turns a big 6 today! I can't believe how fast time went by and how beautiful and grown you are. Hope you have a wonderful day.

9- One year ago on this date, my little sister gave birth to my niece. It's been an amazing year with a new edition to our family. Happy Birthday sweetie!

10- Happy birthday to a niece that we couldn't be more proud of! You are a shining role model for all of your younger cousins. We love you very much!

11- I want to wish my beautiful niece, a very, very happy birthday! I hope you have a blessed and comfortable day! As you get closer and closer to meeting your baby, I pray that The Lord give you peace and lots of joy. I love you so much.

12- Happy 21st birthday to my oldest niece, wow I can't believe you are 21 already. Where did that time go? I have so many pictures but I was kind and found one of the cutest. I am very proud of what you have become and have been blessed to have seen you growing up. Have a great day.

13- A massive happy 7th birthday to my beautiful niece! May God bless you with wisdom and grow as God fearing child. I love you dearest and miss you a lot. I hope you have a super fantastic day princess and I'll see you later.

14- Happy 5th birthday to my niece! Words can't express how much you mean to me! I love the times we spend together rather if it's just a park day or if we are getting rides. You are such an amazing 5-year-old who is very smart, independent, and very beautiful! I hope you have a good birthday, I love you.

15- Happy birthday to my beautiful niece, your aunt loves you millions baby girl. You are growing up so fast, it's unbelievable. Hope you have a lovely day and I will see you soon. Big hugs and kisses sweetheart.

16- Happy birthday to my cute little niece! May the Lord guide and protect you always as you grow every year, to be a good girl to your mama and papa. God bless you always our little and only princess.

17- Happy birthday to my beautiful niece! all I can say is that hope you act a little more mature so that it will give you a lot of lessons to have a good life and think of your bright future as well. Be strong; take some courage to fight difficulties in life. Value how important education is, keep writing fabulous love poems, most of all thanks and pray always to God that he must guide you always. More birthdays to come, and I know you are a good girl and listen always what our advice because it is all for your own good. Stay happy and focus only on the good things.

18- Happy Birthday to my beautiful, strong, inspiring twin nieces! You are truly a miracle and an example that mercy prevails. Keep growing as compassionate, loving, faithful women who have the power to conquer anything. Your aunt loves you deeply.

19- I want to shout out happy 21 birthday to a very special niece of mine, aunt misses all them days we did things together like walks writing under the bridge, staying at my apartment and thought I was drinking soda and you took a drink, and the times you used to cuddle in bed with me. I miss the very young days holding you and changing your diapers. I hope you have a great birthday, your aunt loves you to the moon and back and will always be there with you all the way.

20- I want to wish a very happy 12th birthday to this beautiful, strong, and loving young lady, my little beamer my great niece, I love you with all my heart and you make me so proud. You’re such a strong young lady and you give your mom someone to look up to. You show her that no matter what you have to go through that you always have to keep pushing! I love you and hope you have a wonderful day.

21- Happy Birthday to my first born niece! Today you turn 21 and I want to let the world know that I am the absolute luckiest aunt in the world. I couldn't have asked for a better niece, you are passionate and strong willed and you always do the right thing. May God always bless you and take care of you.

22- Happy 1st birthday to my beautiful niece! I've never met a little girl that has gone through so much but yet she is so strong about everything. She is so intelligent for such a young age! I love you to the moon and back pretty girl.

23- Happy 14th Birthday to my crazy niece! This girl always tells it like it is and has a very strong attitude but has a big heart that she hides from everyone. Too bad I know your mushy loveable side; I love you to the moon and back. Now stop growing up so fast. I love you more than you will ever know and all my kids love you very much. I hope you have a very blessed day.

24- Happy 19th Birthday to our family first baby girl! I love the young beautiful women you have become. You've been through a lot this past couple of months but the strength you have gives me chills because I could never hold it together like you do. You inspire me to stay positive and strong no matter what. I'm proud to call you my niece and I love your spoiled always hungry but with all my heart.

25- Happy 14th Birthday to my beautiful niece! I am so proud of you and the strong young lady you have become. I can't believe you are 14 and taller than me! You have blessed so many people's lives and are such a joy to be around. Your bubbly personality and strong willed mind are so contagious. Keep striving in your athletics and academics! I love you so much.

26- Happy second birthday to the sweetest, most beautiful niece a girl could ask for! I know your mom is strong with this one and I can't wait to see you torture your mama as you get older! Hey, mom gives her a big kiss from me and maybe licks her face as well.

27- I would like to wish a happy birthday to my twin nieces! I am proud of the beautiful and strong young women you have become. You both can accomplish anything you set your minds to. Follow your dreams, remember life is fraught with challenges, but you must always persevere and overcome the adversity. I love you both dearly and I hope you have an amazing day filled with love and joy.

28- I cannot believe that today my niece turned 17, 1 more year until she's adult, I'm going to cry! My baby girl you grew up to be gorgeous. I love you so much, you and your sisters are my world and I couldn't imagine my life without you, I still keep your first handwritten poem, Happy Birthday my baby girl, I love you to the moon and back! I taught you how to walk and talk, and changed your diapers; I can’t believe how fast you grew up! Have a good day.

29- You’re such a special little girl and my love for you is so strong. You're my first niece and you gave me the auntie title. I love you so much honey. You're beautiful smart and so talented. You're drawings are amazing! You have big goals of being an archaeologist and you're so young, I love you baby.

30- Today is my favorite person in the whole wide world 2nd birthday! I love this little girl with all my heart. The moment my sister introduced me to this little angle when she was 4 months old she became mine. I still remember those sleepless nights, early mornings, and changing diapers 100 times a day. Watching her sit-up, crawl, and taking her first steps will be forever priceless. Dosing off and waking right back up to her little hand on my face while she was still knocked out was the best feeling. She may be my niece, but I'll always consider her my daughter.

31- I can't believe that your already 36 feels like just yesterday you were a baby being born now you are this strong-willed, kind, loving, hard working, silly, happy, funny women who can brighten anyone's day. I love and miss you; happy birthday I hope today is all about you.

32- I couldn’t let this day end without sending a huge Happy 23rd Birthday to my only niece. A fighter from birth, you have proved to be an amazingly strong, funny, kind hard-working young woman who is a compassionate daughter, sister, granddaughter and an amazing friend. I see your forward moves to get bigger and bigger, I Love you bunch and bunch.

33- Happy Birthday to a wonderful niece in law! You are like the sun. You shine in the darkest of days and even at night your light the moon reflects. You are strong, beautiful and full of class and flavor.

34- Where have the time gone so fast. I want to wish my smart and intelligence niece who is also a cry baby who was born on this day, a happy 7th Birthday. It just seem like yesterday when I was changing your pampers. Now look at you today, also taller than me. Love you!

35- I can’t let 12 catch me without telling my niece happy birthday! You are growing so fast, it feels like just yesterday you was a baby crying whenever your mom left your eyesight. Now you are a little pooh and I love you I know you enjoyed your day I hope you have an even better day Saturday.

36- Up hollering to the very top of my lungs happy 23rd birthday to my niece! You were my first human doll. Taught me how to change diapers and because of you I learned how to make the first of many formula bottles and thanks to your mom because I was her runner. I use to always say my life changed when your mom started having kids. I was no longer the baby, but what a wonderful change it turned out to be. I love you girly girl and I hope you enjoy your day.

37- May our God add you more birthdays to celebrate pour his abundant blessings upon you good health and keep your family together with happiness, peace and love. Be strong always I know sometimes you're getting tired being a mother and a wife but  just always think they are the reason why you laugh and cry and to live. You deserve to be happy this special day of yours enjoy and keep smiling in the life.

38- Yes, screaming happy birthday to my beautiful niece whom I love so much. It’s been a great year from hearing her cry, to her first laugh! Watching her crawl and later take her first steps. Having her slap me silly and tell me to stop for no reason. I can’t wait for the years to come, happy birthday baby.

39- Today is a big day! I'm so excited to see my niece walk across the stage. I have watched her grow into a mature young lady, which I know sometimes it's challenging. You see what hard work and dedication does. I saw your cries and struggle and that couldn't even stop you. We family are very proud of you. Turn up is going to be real! Also wishing my great niece a happy birthday as well!

40- Happy 18th birthday to my first friend my best friend of 48 of our 52 years! I am truly blessed to have a constant friend, niece and a very presence when I need to laugh, cry or just never see you for long time. Have a splendid day.

41- Happy birthday to my niece, she turning 4 years old and I can remember like it was yesterday I was holding her when she came into this world and now she gives me big hugs and kisses and can have a whole conversation with her and when I was making this I started to cry because she is so big now. I love you and you will always be my frozen princess.  I love you and I'm glad to have a niece like you.

42- I will not let the day go pass without telling my niece to have a happy 6th birthday.  It's your day even though you cried for half of the day. I don’t have a daughter but my niece has the same effect on me. Case and point; last year for my birthday she gave me a signed birthday card. And the card said something like: you are a good uncle and a great friend. I can talk to you about anything. I love you. It made me cry tears of joy. I still kept that card.

43- We grew up together and cried almost at the same time. You have seen me grow just like I have seen you grow. I must say you know me better than I know myself. I just thank God for your life you are my best friend, anyway my beautiful niece Happy Birthday May God almighty bless you.

44- Happy 40th birthday my beautiful niece, I can’t believe you turned 40 I watched you grow from a baby cries with you threw emotional teens and I couldn't be more proud of the woman you are today. I am so honored to have been with you on this day, I love you tons.

45- Happy Birthday to the most amazing niece ever! We are so proud of the young lady you have become; we can't believe you are 15 now! We remember when you were in diapers, now you wear makeup and dress like a young lady, where has the time gone? May God keep guiding you through the right path and maybe keep blessing you more and more years! May you enjoy your day in the company of the people that love you!

46- Today my niece turns 30 years old. I tried to call and leave her a birthday message and ended up crying. I guess I'm having a down day. I can't believe you are 30; you are still that little brat, running around Kmart and pissing grams off. Have a great day. Love you so much.

47- I still remember like yesterday, hearing your first cry and being the first to hold you as the doctor lifted you from your mommy. Even though you are not my child you still act so much like me that it's frightening me. Happy birthday my sweet niece! Auntie loves you more than words can express! I can’t wait to turn up on the town with you this evening. Facebook friends please help me celebrate my niece on this glorious day.

48- I want to take the time out to wish my beautiful niece a very happy birthday, now many of you call her niece but I was in that delivery room and I was the only one that could comfort her cry as a baby when she frustrated her mother to no end. We may not see each other every day but you know you are my Mini-Me a beautiful Diva that now has sprouted. I love you with all my heart.

49- Happy Birthday to my niece, it seems like yesterday I was dropping her off at the preschool in Nebraska and crying as I drove away. Then she's visiting me in Texas and full of cactus needles from the huge one in my back yard. There are So many memories, so many fun times. Best wishes for a great day and year!

50- Happy fifth birthday to this little beautiful gem! I cannot believe you are 5 years old already. I look at this picture and it makes me cry to see how big my babies have gotten. You were only a year a half here. I remember when your uncle was teaching you how to roll around on the floor, and now you’re a little lady who likes to drive me crazy.  I love you more than you know my beautiful niece, hope you have a great day with your parents, I will see you later.

51- I want to send a big shout to my niece my pooh and always will be my little bright shining star, I'll always love you forever more you've made me laugh, you've made me cry always,  still auntie that does not lie happy birthday my sweet niece you're so gorgeous.

52- Happy 25th Birthday to the one who made me an Aunt, one of the best titles I've ever had. The one who became more a sister than a niece! The one I've laughed with, cried with, grown with and love so much. You are the one who gave me my first great aunt moments too, which are pretty awesome! I'm so thankful that we are more than family, and also the closest of friends. I'll never forget the day you were born and all the joy and pride you've brought to my life since that morning. And since it's Mother's Day weekend on top of that I hope you know that as a mommy, simply put, you rock.

53- Today is my niece’s birthday. She is 12 years old. I love my sister for making her awesome she is kind of reminds me of me. Odd socks, loves random things, get into crazy but odd things. Damn makes me cry both my 12-year-old niece's I love you.

54- Singing happy birthday to my baby SPARKLE! I've been blessed to see you smile to hear you cry watch you grow and listen to you TALK for 7 years now! The world changed when you were born niece and your impact on it have already begun. 7 years down and a lifetime to come! Nanny loves you spark!

55- To my beautiful niece happy birthday, wow 17, I can remember when you were just a little baby and I tried babysitting you once. And all you did was cry I had to call grandma. Now look at you, you're all grown up and you're driving and working. I don't say this enough I love you and very proud of the woman you are today. And I still say you look like Halle Berry.

56- Happy birthday niece you had me in tears this morning waiting for my phone to ring you asking me am I coming down for your birthday. I know you wouldn't want me crying so you know I love you and miss you, happy birthday once again.

57- Today I celebrated my first born niece 14th birthday in my favorite way. She was always my toy baby doll; I would dress her in at least 5 outfits a day, and insist on doing her hair and bossing her around. Not much has changed only now she's 14 and I have to be reminded that I probably can't baby talk to her, hold her hand and pinch her rosy cheeks in public. I love my doll and she'll always be my do.

I am so happy God blessed us with a good year, and we are able to take out my niece and two nephews out for an early birthday celebration. Believe it or not, they all have birthdays this month including me, so let the fun begin. I love them like they were my own, I’m in complete shock they are all grown. I remember changing all their diapers and now this year they will be turning 8, 11, and 19. Hope you enjoy your day babies.


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